Saturday, 13 September 2014

How to effectively use archiving features on Gmail

How to effectively use archiving features on Gmail

All Gmail account has old email and it is really frustrated job to identify newly related mails. Now we are going to take shortcut advantage of archiving access features to manage these old email.

Gmail has in-built archives folder system that gives benefits of how you manage all your inbox search related mails in one folder. If you use this feature you can easily identify which mail is placed in your inbox to proceed. If you want to archive one month old emails on your inbox first use the feature of Gmail search box like

gmail-archive "before:yyyy/mm/dd" & "after:yyyy/mm/dd

Then it will display or view your mails that are one month old which is present in your inbox according to your search.And one more thing if you really interested to get $25 free itunes codes then click here to claim free itunes codes and cards


For further limit your search then type in your inbox search as "in:inbox" and "in:spam" with above search query and it will look like as below


Then check all your Google mails and then click "Select all messages that match this search" and then click Gmail Archive button. You will receive a warning message and select OK to finish process.


That's it you finally made your Gmail Archive and now the archived offline mails are located in label as "All mail".

If you need help to recover all your Archived Mails from Gmail account just Sign-In to your Account or sign up to recover your emails and Click "More" on left side drop-down menu and then Click "All Mail" there you see all your archive mail.

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